Now that is odd!

Having moved my main site to the shedserver I was disappointed to find that I still can’t access it from work due to it being blocked by that seriously annoying program Websense.


The curious thing is that this blog and my family blog are both still accessible even though the are on the same server and the same IP address. I think this is conclusive proof (as if I needed it) that Stuart (the former IT Nazi) had it in for me and added my domain to the banned list – Grrrr!


Other Famous Sheds

Syd’s Shed

syds shed outside

This appeared on ebay about a week ago – it was claimed that the shed used to belong to ex Pink Floyd front man Syd Barrett. It was claimed it had stood in his garden and been used often by Syd up until his death. the description was as follows:


This shed is from the garden of the house Syd Barrett spent the last 30-odd years of his life living in.  It has been painted oxblood and cream inside by Syd and contains furniture he built and painted himself; a press with two opening doors, a hose reel, a shelf and several other adaptations, the most curious of which is a device for retrieving his house keys even when he had also misplaced the key of the shed. The door of the shed seems also to have been made or at least fitted by Syd, and it is painted green with the hinges picked out in a chalk blue colour (a style favoured by Syd).  Some planks have been replaced with fence shiplap at the far end.

>One window has been replaced with a plywood panel. The shed has been treated on the outside over the years, it has electrical fittings and is entirely in the condition it was left in by Syd, except for a small repair to the felt on the roof. The shed is quite old but sturdy and shows the signs of having been well looked after. Some of the bottom planks may nonetheless need to be replaced. We believe it features in at least one of his surviving paintings, where it is changed to look more like a chalet.

We shall dismantle the shed into the panels in which it is built as carefully as we can, so that it can be reassembled without losing any of its unique character.

The buyer has to collect, notwithstanding anything on the site to the contrary.


The shed was up for sale for £1,000 but curiously didn’t get a single bid before the auction ended. I mean what use is a shed that doesn’t even have a internet connection let alone it’s own website?

syds shed inside

Still I suppose it’s better than when someone tried to sell the former Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia’s toilet on ebay!

Update on the shed server

Yesterday I took the next step in moving my final site to the new server. As I posted yesterday this one was more difficult as it had an existing WordPress blog and a Pixelpost photoblog on it. This meant moving the two MySQL databases from the old server to the new one and then getting them to sync back up with WordPress and Pixelpost.

The WordPress database move went quite well and by now I knew exactly what I had to change in the wp-config file and to my surprise and delight when I opened the blog it looked just like the live one – result!

The pixelpost database turned out to be much bigger and it wouldn’t import into MySQL directly. Luckily I found a piece of software called Big Dump which works by splitting up the database, importing it and then putting it back together again. It did just what it said on the tin and after editing the config file to change the datebase details and that too was up and running.

Now all I need to do is change the DNS settings for the domain and that too will be finished. All in all I’m quite pleased with the result so far.