Ice Melting Ice melting by deadheaduk


This was my first real attempt at field recording so be gentle with me!
We arrived at a cottage in Weardale late in the evening when there was still snow on the ground. I went out to get some coal for the fire and was intrigued by the sounds of the ice melting and water dripping in the backyard so I recorded it.
I used a Sharp MD MT20 minidisc player with a (Fake?) Sony ECM-DS70p microphone plugged into it. This was the first time i have used this microphone and while the recording is of good quality it also picked up some noise from the MD recorder so I will need to think about positioning the microphone away from the recorder if recording low level sounds.
Edited to add:
This sound was the very first sound featured on Radio 4’s PM programme when they were asking listeners to send in their favourite sounds in January 2014 – four months later we bought a house just dwon the road from where this sound was recorded!

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