A few months ago I blogged about Radio shows that I used to listen to and one of the shows in particular that I remembered from my Youth called Bedrock which was on BBC Radio Newcastle in the 70’s. I then had a message from one of the presenters saying that he’d enjoyed reading the post.

Since then I was contacted about a book that is being put together about Newcastle in the 70’s and I’ve written some pieces for that. I then dug out my old scrapbooks to scan some ticket stubs etc for them and amongst all the other memorabilia  I found two compliment slips from Radio Newcastle that were signed by the two main presenters – they had been sent out with the prizes that I sometimes won (well quite often actually!)


1 thought on “Bedrock

  1. Hi Dick, I gather from a friend of mine that you used to manage The Squad. I was a friend of Stu Burns from the late eighties till he died a few years ago. I spent a lot of time with him when we were neighbours in Greenside and Benwell and was lucky enough to be given, by him, about nine hours of cassette recordings of the music he made at home post -Squad. Its all pretty interesting, occasionally strange stuff. I have harboured the idea for a while now of creating a site where people can access these recordings. If my mate Woody is right and you did manage the Squad I wondered if you could come up with some photos of Stu, as I have none apart from the album cover. I also wonder if you are in a position to contact people in the region who would remember Stu and like to hear some of this stuff, to point them to a website/ blog/soundcloud page in memory of him.
    I hope I’m sending this to the right Dick Godfrey, if not just ignore this message.
    Phil Ogg


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