Experiments in photography

Had an idea yesterday after seeing an advert for one of Lomography‘s expensive cameras! It’s called coloursplash and costs around £60.


But you know those little colour filters reminded me of something!


So armed with a pair of scissors, some sticky tape and my mobile phone I set off to experiment!

blue green

blue 2

Well that saved me £60 then!



Ages ago I picked up a scanner off Freecycle which had a slide/negative scanning adaptor. I finally got round to trying it out and the first film I found was from a holiday in Venice in the late 7os/early 80s.


I love this one of my Mum and Dad

mum and dad in venice

They came out quite well considering I just grabbed and scanned at random – need to find a way of cleaning the negatives and scanner to avoid the dust marks that always seem to show up. Not bad for a freebie though – wonder if it’ll do 120 film!

Now all I need to do is find a flat surface to put it on!

The Vinyl Solution!

I finally got my record player out of storage! I’ve been slowly clearing enough space in the shed for it over the past couple of weeks and now I had enough room to put a table next to the stereo unit and enough shelf space for a small number of records. So on bank Holiday Monday after lunch I popped up to the garage where we have a load of stuff stored and dug out the record player. I had two up there – the first is my Hitachi which I bought when I was at university the other is a rather nice Thorens TD 160 but that is in need of a new stylus so for now I went for the Hitachi.


So the first thing I noticed was that it didn’t have a plug on it – I felt sure that I would have one in the house because I remembered taking some off old appliances before we took them to the dump – obviously the plug wasn’t where I was expecting it to be but after much searching I did eventually find one. I spent a short amount of time going through two boxes of records picking out a few to fill the available space. As I opened the boot when I got back I did worry that I had more records that I had space for but in the end I was about right! It dawned on me though that there must have been a third box because I ended up without any Dylan LPs and I know there are several of those! I’m working on the carrot and stick approach! The more I tidy up and make space the more records I can get out of the garage!


So after a bit of a clean I was able to listen to some records! I love that satisfying click as the needle drops into the groove – even the odd crackle and pop were welcome! I even managed to find my old record cleaning brush which I thought I’d binned. I was actually quite surprised how many records I actually own and after looking in the boxes at the record fair the day before I did wonder how much they’d all be worth! I even managed to find some records I didn’t think I owned – A live Spirit album that I almost asked my brother if he still had and that I’ve been looking all over trying to find on the net! Another one I didn’t know I had and was a pleasant surprise to see was a Reggae compilation called Front Line Volume 2 – and indeed my records would show that I also own Volume 3 but sadly not the original first volume!


Although they had been in storage for about 6 years in an old garage they were all still in good shape with one exception! Wake of the Flood by the Grateful Dead was a bit damp – but I think this happened in the “Bloke Zone” in the old house which was quite damp – worse than I’d thought and this particular album cover is made out of a quite porous material and had come of the worse for wear. The odd pattern of damage was I believe because a 10″ single had been sitting in front of it!