Camera Wish List

I’ve decided that this year should be the year of film! It’s not that I’ve got anything against digital it’s just that I don’t think you can beat the click whirr of an analogue camera. I’ve already got plenty to be going on with but while I’ve been looking into places to buy film from I’ve seen quite a few cameras as well. I picked up an Edixa Flex camera a few weeks back from a Freecycle group and it made me realise that there were types of camera out there that I wasn’t even aware of. I’m now itching to buy and use some of these cameras and so I have put together a wish list which I’m sure will get longer rather than shorter as time goes on.

Vintage Cameras

At the moment top of my wish list are a number of vintage cameras and top of that list is the Agfa Clack

agfa clack

It’s a 120 roll film camera and I think I want it because it doesn’t look like your typical 120 camera which tend to be larger – either box type or folding or even twin lens affairs. I found some pictures I took using a twin lens camera on 120 film and loved the way they looked so having a compact camera that took 120 film would be great.

Next up I discovered that there were a number of cameras made that used 35mm film but only took half frames – I liked the ides of this novelty and have either an Agfa Paramet or Chaika 3 on my wishlist


I’d also like a folding camera as I think they really embody the vintage look (along with the box cameras of which I have a Comway Deluxe). I’m not sure which I would go for but there still seem to be many around and quite cheap too. I might get one of the Kodak folding brownies but I quite like the sound of the Kershaw King Penguin – even if it is only because of it’s name!!

king penguin

As well as the vintage cameras above I quite like the look of this cheap plastic panoramic camera that you seem to be able to pick up for peanuts. It shoots onto 35mm but as far as I understand it only uses a portion of the frame in order to give a panoramic effect – got to be worth a go hasn’t it!


Although I already have a Polaroid camera and I know the film is very expensive I still fancy one of the SX-70 folding cameras


And if we’re going to start talking silly money you could add a Polaroid 8×10 or even one of the type 100 cameras like the 340 to that list as well but I think we’d be talking lottery win at that point!!

polaroid 340

And finally (for now) I quite like the look of the Lomography cameras – although I still think I’d prefer the Agfa Clack to the Diana F but if I did buy one of the lomography style cameras then maybe I’d buy a Diana clone or the wonderfully named Sprocket Rocket.

So many cameras so little time (and money!)


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