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Syd Arthur at SoL 7 – 26th July 2013

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Hand of Stabs

It struck me that the year is almost over and I haven’t actually posted many music pictures this year and I’ve seen some great performances in 2013. So in order to remedy that I’m starting with Hand of Stabs. I saw them 3 times this year – firstly at Rochester Library and then as part of their Month of Sundays tour at Grain Fort and finally at the launch of the film they made on that tour on board LV21 in Gillingham.

Hand of Stabs


The Music Tree



The Vinyl Solution!

I finally got my record player out of storage! I’ve been slowly clearing enough space in the shed for it over the past couple of weeks and now I had enough room to put a table next to the stereo unit and enough shelf space for a small number of records. So on bank Holiday Monday after lunch I popped up to the garage where we have a load of stuff stored and dug out the record player. I had two up there – the first is my Hitachi which I bought when I was at university the other is a rather nice Thorens TD 160 but that is in need of a new stylus so for now I went for the Hitachi.


So the first thing I noticed was that it didn’t have a plug on it – I felt sure that I would have one in the house because I remembered taking some off old appliances before we took them to the dump – obviously the plug wasn’t where I was expecting it to be but after much searching I did eventually find one. I spent a short amount of time going through two boxes of records picking out a few to fill the available space. As I opened the boot when I got back I did worry that I had more records that I had space for but in the end I was about right! It dawned on me though that there must have been a third box because I ended up without any Dylan LPs and I know there are several of those! I’m working on the carrot and stick approach! The more I tidy up and make space the more records I can get out of the garage!


So after a bit of a clean I was able to listen to some records! I love that satisfying click as the needle drops into the groove – even the odd crackle and pop were welcome! I even managed to find my old record cleaning brush which I thought I’d binned. I was actually quite surprised how many records I actually own and after looking in the boxes at the record fair the day before I did wonder how much they’d all be worth! I even managed to find some records I didn’t think I owned – A live Spirit album that I almost asked my brother if he still had and that I’ve been looking all over trying to find on the net! Another one I didn’t know I had and was a pleasant surprise to see was a Reggae compilation called Front Line Volume 2 – and indeed my records would show that I also own Volume 3 but sadly not the original first volume!


Although they had been in storage for about 6 years in an old garage they were all still in good shape with one exception! Wake of the Flood by the Grateful Dead was a bit damp – but I think this happened in the “Bloke Zone” in the old house which was quite damp – worse than I’d thought and this particular album cover is made out of a quite porous material and had come of the worse for wear. The odd pattern of damage was I believe because a 10″ single had been sitting in front of it!