Playlist 2012 Part 2

What I’ve been listening to lately

It all went a bit wrong after 5th October!

5th October

Desert Island Discs -Ade Adepitan – BBC Radio 3

Sam Lee – A ground of its own sampler plus Live on BBC Radio 3 In Tune via artist website

Sam Lee – A ground of its own (rest of album) via Bandcamp

Marton Fenyvesi’s egotrip – Budapest Jazz Club 27th June 2012 from a youtube video

4th October

La Dusseldorf – La Düsseldorf

Grateful Dead – Dick’s Picks 28 – February 26, 1973 Disc 2

Alternative TV – Vibing Up The Senile Man (Part One)

3rd October

Ligeti – Lux Aeterna

Witthuser & Westrupp – Trips and Traume

Psychic tv –  Force the hand of chance

Howlround – The Ghosts of the Bush

2nd October

Neil Young – Guardian’s Essential Neil Young Tracks

The Voices of Robert Wyatt – BBC Radio 4

Robert Wyatt – Rock Bottom

Fred Frith – Cafe Oto – 6th July 2012

26th September

Lol Coxhill – Ear of the Beholder via spotify

Ellie Goulding – Bright Lights via spotify

The Punch Brothers -Live at The Fillmore – March 8 2012 free download

Quintessence – St Pancras via youtube

25th September

Galley Beggar – Galley Beggar

Nigel Price Organ Trio – Heads & Tales

Patsy Matheson – Stories of Angels & Guitars

Strangeworld – Demons Within

Nigel Price Organ Trio – Live!

24th September

The Terrapins – Demo CD

21st September

Late Junction 20th September 2012 – BBC Radio 3 via iplayer

20th September

Late Junction 18th September 2012 – BBC Radio 3 via iplayer

Late Junction 19th September 2012 – BBC Radio 3 via iplayer

The Uri Caine Trio –  Ronnie Scotts 9th July 2012 Jazz on 3 BBC Radio 3 via iplayer

19th September

Grateful Dead – Dave’s Picks Vol 3

April in the Orange – The Glittering Fish were Stars via Bandcamp

Traffic – Fillmore East 1970

18th September

Big Star – Keep an Eye on the Sky

14th September

Fred Frith – Cafe Oto – 6th July 2012

Miles Davis – Sketches of Spain

Sproatly Smith – Carols from Hereford

12th September

Michael Chapman & The Woodpiles – Session 19th/20th June 2012 – Free download

Bob Dylan – Tempest

Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood of Breath – Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood of Breath

Rufus Harley – Re-Creation of the Gods via spotify

RAre Earth – In Concert 1971

11th September

Fred Frith – Cafe Oto – 6th July 2012 via BBC Radio 3

Dead Can Dance – Live Happenings Part I

Menace Ruine – Cult of Ruins

10th September

The Singing Loins – Live at the Barge

Neil Young – Everybody knows this is nowhere

Stealing Sheep – Into the diamond sun

Elizabeth Cotten – Shake Sugaree

Roy Harper – One Of Those Days In England (Parts 2–10)

Jimi Hendrix – Axis Bold as Love

8th September

Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon live Wembley 1974

7th September

Cosmic Finger – Streets of Fortune

6th September

Various Artists – ICA Soundworks

TesseracT – One via spotify

Rush – Clockwork Angels via spotify

John Adams – Road movies via BBC Radio 3

John Adams – Hallelujah junction for two pianos via BBC Radio 3

John Adams – Fearful symmetries via BBC Radio 3

5th September

Various Artists – ICA Soundworks

John Adams – John’s book of alleged dance

John Adams – Short ride in a fast machine via BBC Radio 3

John Adams – Son of chamber symphony via BBC Radio 3

John Adams – Christian zeal and activity via BBC Radio 3

John Adams – String Quartet (2008) via BBC Radio 3

4th September

Various Artists – ICA Soundworks

John Adams – John’s book of alleged dances via BBC Radio 3

John Adams – Gnarly buttons for clarinet and ensemble via BBC Radio 3

John Adams – My father knew Charles Ives via BBC Radio 3

John Adams – On the transmigration of souls via BBC Radio 3

3rd September

Heart of Rust – SoL Party 6th July 2012

John Adams – Shaker loops via BBC Radio 3

John Adams – The Dharma at Big Sur via BBC Radio 3

31st August

Stealing Sheep – Into the Diamond Sun via spotify

Kate Denny – Closer to Home via spotify

The Owl Service – A Garland of Song via spotify

Current 93 – All Dolled up like Christ Disc 1 via spotify

Sproatly Smith – Pixieled



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