The Younger Generation

This year marked a curious point in life when both my daughters went to festivals on their own. Beth, the eldest, went to Glastonbury and Rhianna went to V festival. She took a couple of those disposable cameras with her and I offered to scan the pictures in so she could put them on Facebook. While I was doing that it struck me that I had only ever been to V festival once back in 1997 but 13 years later, as Rhianna’s photograph below shows, one of the headline acts at this years festival was The Prodigy who also headlined in 1997 when I went!


So this got me to thinking surely there couldn’t have been anyone at this years Glastonbury who had been there the first time I had gone back in 1984…….or could there?

My first find after looking at the line up was that the closest I was going to get was Femi Kuti whose father Fela Kuti played on the Sunday night in 1984. However I soon spotted a couple of acts that had been there at my first Glastonbury. Dr John played at both festivals as did Christy Moore and Billy Bragg. Even worse was that I also spotted an act that had been there at the 1971 festival and that was Arthur Brown.

So it just goes to show that time may move on and a new generation may go to festivals but some things never change… mud!!