Just for the record

One of the problems of having a lot of CD’s is finding the one you want, another problem is remembering what you own! Ever since I saw Sid Griffin’s Coal Porters at SoL I have been meaning to did out his CD Los London because I’ve been singing Splitting at the Seams and wanted to hear it. This however meant looking through the CD racks which is never an easy job. I mean for a start I have to put my glasses on to be able to read some of the covers and I also have to move Ben’s pile of DVD’s to get to one of the racks!

So last night I decided to do it while Sarah was washing her hair so I put the big light on, donned the specs and started looking. I thought I would start with the easy rack first. I say easy I still had to squeeze between the sofa and the radiator to read the spines of the CD’s at the bottom. Despite lots of thoughts like “ooh I’d forgotten about that one” I didn’t find the one I was looking for. So now I had to move all of Ben’s DVD’s and try the other rack.

I started to move the DVD’s and create smaller piles around me. The first thing I found was the remote control for the TV which had been missing for months (luckily most of the control is from the virgin remote). I then started to scan the rack of CD’s starting at the top and working my way down. When I reached the bottom I pulled out the CD’s which were stored under the rack but still couldn’t find it. I started to doubt I had a copy but I was sure I did – I was given it by the bands management after I helped a friend record the band for a digital BBC Radio channel at the Borderline in London.

So I started to scan the racks again. I slowly worked my way down looking through each section slowly reading the titles as I went. As I neared the bottom I had a bit of luckĀ IĀ found a CD, not the Coal Porters one I was looking for but a compilation CD called The Songs of Bob Dylan. A week or two earlier I was listening to Robin Williamson’s set at SoL 2009 when he covered the Dylan song Absolutely Sweet Marie and I got to thinking about my favourite cover version of that song (and possibly my favourite Dylan cover ever) by Jason and the Scorchers. I knew I had it on vinyl (somewhere) but wondered if I had it on CD. I had a feeling I did and I was glad to find this CD included it.

So feeling pleased with myself I returned to the first rack and once again started to look for the Coal Porters and about half way down I did actually find it this time (meaning of course I didn’t have to look in the other rack and move all of Ben’s DVD’s but I’m glad I did or I wouldn’t have found the other disc).