Free Music

The Grateful Dead are giving away free music every day in November. Each day an unreleased track from their extensive archive will be made available to download in mp3 format. The tracks are only available on the day of release and you need to log in to be able to download them. They are posted at 12 noon EST which is about 4pm GMT and usually disappear before the following morning so grab them quick!

There is also a competition to guess the date of each recording with the first correct answer drawn winning their choice of CD’s from the band’s Road Trips series – sadly due to various laws the competition is only open to people resident in the US but hey the music is worth it on it’s own. So far we have had New Speedway Boogie from the Fillmore East in September 1970 and a recording of the bands improvisational epic Dark Star from the seminal year of 1969, this time from the Fillmore West.

So click on the image above or this link to download the latest tracks and remember to go back every day to grab a new one.


iriver shuffle

A few months ago I got a iriver T30 1GB MP3 player from someone on Freecycle so I have filled it with a load of random songs either that I had on their own or from albums where I tend to only listen to one or two songs.

I’ve put it on shuffle and it will randomly play through the 198 songs that are on there in a sort of iriver shuffle!!

Tracks are listed here