Update on the shed server

Yesterday I took the next step in moving my final site to the new server. As I posted yesterday this one was more difficult as it had an existing WordPress blog and a Pixelpost photoblog on it. This meant moving the two MySQL databases from the old server to the new one and then getting them to sync back up with WordPress and Pixelpost.

The WordPress database move went quite well and by now I knew exactly what I had to change in the wp-config file and to my surprise and delight when I opened the blog it looked just like the live one Рresult!

The pixelpost database turned out to be much bigger and it wouldn’t import into MySQL directly. Luckily I found a piece of software called Big Dump which works by splitting up the database, importing it and then putting it back together again. It did just what it said on the tin and after editing the config file to change the datebase details and that too was up and running.

Now all I need to do is change the DNS settings for the domain and that too will be finished. All in all I’m quite pleased with the result so far.