Whitstable Oyster Co

We went to Whitstable one day during the Christmas period, just to get out of the house and to let the sea air blow away the cobwebs! I took some pictures using my HTC Desire HD and the Vignette app. The one above is an update of a picture I took in 2007.

Whitstable Fisherman's Cottages

We saw these lovely old Fisherman’s Cottages on the Seafront which have been converted into little¬†apartments. They are right on the seafront and most of them have sea views. They looked like the perfect place for a weekend getaway but when we checked them out on line they were steamingly expensive!

Whitstable Deli

This is one of the more unusual pictures I took РI saw them hanging outside a deli as we walked down the main street. You can see the rest of the pictures I took by visiting my flickr site.  We went for Fish & Chips at a restaurant a few doors down from the Deli.

Have you ever noticed how much nicer Fish & Chips taste at the Seaside!